Your College Questions, Answered
College Strategy Session
 Pick Andy's brain about where to start and what you should be doing, NOW
  • Conference call
  • Fire away any and all of your "burning" questions - get answers!
  • Finish up with a clear path toward a successful college plan!
  • Guaranteed - unconditional, no hassles, you are sole judge and jury whether you got your money's worth
  • Fee applied to future services, if applicable
Lockwood List Builder
Best Fit College List + Personalized College Funding and Admissions Strategies
  • For college - bound families who want a realistic list of best fit colleges, strategies to get in and how to qualify for scholarships and financial aid
  • 1. Andy to personally review and analyze your income, savings, child's grades, extra-curricular activities etc. to produce a clear, honest evaluation of your current college admissions and funding  readiness
  • 2. Follow up phone call with a former college admissions officer to "Deep Dive" on the college list
  • 3. Customized, comprehensive report covering:
    >>"Best Fit" college list
    >>Financial aid and scholarship eligibility
    >>S​​​​​trategies to improve odds of admission
  • Fees credited to future services, if applicable
* Are we looking at the right colleges?

* How can we improve chances of admission (if my child has the same grades and scores as thousands of other competitor-applicants)?

* How to we choose a college that will help my child obtain a satisfying and lucrative career?

* What scholarships and financial aid could we receive?

* Help!  I don't know where to start!
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